The Boomerang Band is...
Charlie Martin – guitar and vocals

Born in Corona, California in 1953, Charlie was already playing guitar in a band at the age of thirteen.  Playing teen dances during his school years, he graduated to bar bands by the age of eighteen.  During the seventies, Charlie performed in several popular bands, including "Ladyfinger, The Davis Band, Transistor, The Family Jewels" and a country band that toured the Western U.S. and Canada.

In the eighties, he joined a show band out of Portland called "Pure Gold".  "Pure Gold" was an eight-piece revue featuring impersonations, choreography and comedy bits.  They toured Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Hawaii and showrooms in Nevada.  Tiring of life on the road, Charlie came back to Seattle and played in several more bands and in 1990 formed "Boomerang." They have been gigging in the Seattle Tacoma area since.

Rich Budinich – drums and vocals

Like most musicians of his age group, Rich's desire to play music all came together on a Sunday night in February of 1964, when he and 73 million other viewers watched The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show.  This event changed his direction forever as he went from banging on anything he could find around the house to sitting behind his first drum kit, where he spent hours pounding out accompaniment to numerous rock and roll records on the old family "Hi-Fi" system.

Fast forward to the 1970's and 1980's where Rich found himself as a member of some talented local bands including, "The South End Music Company"; "Noah"; "Papa Jam"; "Bud-E-Browne" and "Coyote Creek", which evolved into co-founding and performing with the very popular local band "The MerCury Cruisers" for over 15 years.  Since then, Rich has been working with other popular Seattle bands including "The Rocker-Fellas"; "The Eagle Creek Band"; "Raucous", and has sat in with "Los Orchids" among many others.  Rich freelances often on stage work as well as studio session work in the area.

Through his years playing drums, Rich has studied with local greats such as the legendary George Griffin (The Dave Lewis Combo; Ray Charles:  Lionel Hampton; Jimmy Witherspoon; Jr. Walker and the All Stars; Etta James, and Sammy Davis, Jr.), studio session drummer and drum instruction author Gary Keeth, and the late and great Keith Purvis.  Rich's foundational training and his technical skills are very apparent in his playing.

Rich has been a member of "Boomerang" since 2003, and is having a great time working up new arrangements of classic tunes, and as well, working up more lead and harmony vocals with the group.  He looks forward to seeing you at an upcoming performance of Boomerang!

Bob Sparks – guitar and vocals

Bob grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois with parents who were both musicians.  He discovered that he had a true affinity for music when he took piano lessons at age 12.  He received his first guitar as a gift when he was 16 and although he learned how to play and write, it was not until years later that he discovered his true calling with music.

Bob eventually graduated from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois with a degree in music.  His areas of performance were classical guitar and chorus.

During the next 15 years Bob performed with various local bands around the St. Louis area, most notably the rhythm and blues band Rocket 88.  He performed with the Sparks band with his sister Mary, who is an accomplished percussionist and hammered dulcimer musician currently recording in the Ashville, NC area.

Fast forward to today:  Bob has developed a renewed interest in music in general, and specifically with his own music.  He recently joined Boomerang, contributing his guitar expertise and vocal skills to the band.

Jim Moore – bass and vocals

Jim’s parents tell a story about when he was a toddler and would push himself all around the room in his walker whenever they played the song, "Papa Loves Mombo" by Perry Como.  So began his love of music!  Some of his first influences were brought into the Moore household by the TV show, "Hootenanny".  There was always a piano and guitars in the house when he was growing up so he began learning to play at an early age.

Jim began playing electric guitar in garage bands in junior high and continued on into early adulthood.  When he moved to Sacramento California, the music world suddenly opened up for him.  Jim ended up quitting his day job so that he could pursue playing music as a full-time career.  Jim began playing bass in 1978 and played professionally in various bands for almost 12 years.  There were some who said he lived and breathed music and that music ran in his veins.

After several years of solid road work in the late 80's, he began to reconsider his options.  Jim quit the road band and ended up getting a day job back home in Sacramento.  He continued to play music on the weekends with a local band.  When the day job turned into a night job, he quit playing music completely for almost 10 years!  ...a far cry from a life full of music!

Jim went to tech school and became a computer guy, got married and ended up moving to Seattle.  After playing in a few bands and music projects in the Seattle area, Jim ended up meeting the right people at the right time and joined Boomerang in September of 2006!